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The Grado Lagoon is a lagoon located in the upper Adriatic, which extends from Fossalon Grade to the island of Anfora, at the mouth of the rivers and Ausa Horn.

The lagoon, which covers about 90 square kilometers, is divided into an eastern sector (Palù de sora) and a Western (Palù de soto) from the dam on which the winding road that connects to the mainland Grade.

The origins of the lagoon are recent. Until the fifth century it prevailed in the mainland, as testified by numerous archaeological discoveries, including the Roman road, now completely covered by water, connecting Aquileia to its port of Grado.

Characteristic of the lagoon is the presence of casoni, simple homes with roof and door oriented to the west in the past used by fishermen Grado.

From the point of view naturalisitico, the lagoon is full of trees, especially tamarisk, elms, poplars, pines and junipers. The fauna has a remarkable variety of birds, like gulls, egrets, herons, germani real sea swallows. The importance of fish farming, with numerous fishing valleys.

The boat typical of the inhabitants of the lagoon is the "batel", flat-bottomed rowing and operated. The batel long usually from 5 to 10 meters, is led by a standing oarsman stern and may be equipped with a tree.

The lagoon, which is bordered to the west with the Marano lagoon, is crossed by the longitudinal Litoranea Veneta, a waterway that connects Venice with the mouth dell'Isonzo and Trieste.