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For those/who are going to plan a holiday in Grado, including a visit to the beautiful and near Trieste will certainly be an added value. It has the Carso behind itselfs and the sea in front of it: Trieste is a city that enchants with the stunning views, the Middle-European charm and the beauty of ‘Piazza Unità d’Italia’, the widest in Italy directly overlooking the sea, the literary cafes and the scent of coffee that come from the several bars.

Palazzi of different ages and styles coexist in perfect harmony in the city: from the neoclassic to the liberty style, from the eclectic to the baroque one. You can also admire ancient Roman ruins. Walking through Trieste you will meet the famous poets and writers Joyce, Svevo and Saba, whose memory lives in the literary cafes they attended when lived in Trieste, as well as in the statues dedicated to them, placed in different points of the city center. Trieste has always been a melting pot of cultures and cults, as proved by the Greek Orthodox and Serbian Orthodox Church, the synagogue, the Lutheran and the Swiss evangelical church.

There are many points of interest that can be visited in Trieste, but some of them are unmissable: the Miramare castle just outside the city, Piazza Unità d'Italia, one of the largest European squares sit on the sea, the Molo Audace (a quay into the sea) this last one and the Cathedral of San Giusto. Walking on the Rive is another thing you must do in Trieste.

You can take several roads to reach Trieste from Grado, but choosing the coastal one, the same that follows the train, you fall in love with this city before you have ever visited it: you will be seduced by the stunning panorama that overlooks the Gulf of Trieste.