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Far about an hour from Grado, Udine is full of charm and interesting places to visit; so it is a perfect alternative to the beach and a good solution in case of bad weather. What to visit in Udine? In this city every desire can be fulfill, so that both shopping lovers and gourmants, as well as lovers of art and culture, are satisfied.

‘Piazza della Libertà’ (Libertà Square) is one of the main ones in Udine. The ancient Venetian influence on the territory revives in the style of this square, in fact it is descrive as the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland. On its sides there are two prestigious buildings: the first one is the ‘Loggia del Lionello’, that is a perfect example of Venetian Gothic style and was the historical seat of the Municipality for much time, and the second one is the Clock Tower, on top of which are the statues of two Moors, that strike the hour above the clock.

‘Piazza Matteotti’ (Matteotti Square), also known as ‘Piazza San Giacomo’ or ‘Piazza delle Erbe’, was built in the 12th century in response to the increase in population and linked to ‘Piazza della Libertà’. It is a square-based place, surrounded by arcades; nowadays it takes place the weekly market in it. You can admire a 16th century fountain designed by Giovanni da Udine and the column of the Madonna with the Child of the fifteenth century built by an unknown artist.

The Cathedral of Udine is the most majestic and important church of the city. Appreciated as a splendid example of Roman-Gothic style, it has been enriched over the years with many works. Now you can admire the works of famous artists, including those of Giambattista Tiepolo in the Chapel of the Santissimo.

The Castle is another of the most interesting places of the city. It is located in the historical center and according to the legend, the Huns led by Attila erected the hill on which the Castle is located to admire the fire of Aquileia from above. Certainly the staircase to reach the Castle is an important part of the visit too because of the wonderful views over the old town and the Alps, that worth the climb up the stairs. The most important part of the Castle is the Parliament Hall, with the numerous frescoes and a precious coffered painted ceiling. Since 1906 the Castle has become the location of the Civic Museums, the Archaeological Museum, the Gallery of Ancient Art, the Gallery of Drawings and Prints, the Friulian Museum of Photography and the Photographic Archive.

Gourmets love Udine. The several cafés, pastry shops and ice-cream parlors in the city center give the chance to stop for tasty and sweety snacks and, starting from the 5 pm, you can try the aperitif ritual, that in the city can count on the excellent wine of the area. There are numerous places and taverns that offer the opportunity to taste the typical flavors of the region: you'll be spoiled for choice.

The streets of the center of Udine also offer interesting shopping possibilities. In addition to the stores of the most famous brands, there are traditional shops and craft shops. You just have to take the main course and its alleys to find them and do a wonderful shopping.