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Palmanova is a masterpiece of Venetian military architecture and is half an hour from Grado. Also known as the fortress city, it was built to defend regional borders against the Turkish threat. The three monumental doors of access to the historical center - called Aquileia, Udine and Cividale - lead to the ‘Piazza Grande’, the ancient parade ground.

The city is distinguished by the peculiarity of its contours. Thanks to the city map, which is nine-pointed star in shape, it has become famous with the nickname of ‘starry city’. The main square of Palmanova is a perfect hexagon and hosts ancient and impressive palaces: the Duomo and the Historical Civic Museum stand out among all; there you can admire weapons, relics and documents that illustrate the history of the city-fortress from its birth to the Second World War.

Every year the first weekend of September it takes place a folkloristical historical re-enactment, the "A.D. 1615. Palma alla armi": more than 200 figures parade in seventeenth-century costumes in Palmanova to remember the war of the Uscocchi, the Friuli-Austria war of XVII century.

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